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NADEL is a voluntary organisation of lawyers, which has as its primary goal a legal and judicial system  that realises access to justice for disadvantaged people and the rule of law.

Vision An Mission

To render, and co-ordinate the rendering of, legal assistance to persons and organisations involved in matters affecting inter alia human rights.To assist members in matters relating to and arising from their professions.


To affiliate to any organisation, local or international, having aims and objectives consistent with those of the Association provided that such affiliation shall be first approved by the General Council. To assist those who wish to study, research or teach law


To support and promote the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights and any other such * instruments / documents consistent with the aims and objectives of this Association.
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Our Members

NADEL members and branches actively seek to nominate judicial candidates to increase the representation of black and female judges. Judicial skills training is conducted to create a larger pool of prospective judicial candidates, with a special focus on social context training (human rights awareness) and gender sensitivity.

Nadel initiated a pilot training programme in conjunction with the Department of Justice, Justice College, the Black Lawyers Association and the Canadian Linkage Project.

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Who We Are

NADEL promotes and defends the constitutional order to ensure access to justice and the realisation of civil, political and socio-economic rights.

Its activities include the restructuring of the legal aid board, legal aid system, transformation of the composition of the judiciary, judicial training, human rights training for NGOs, CBOs and para-legal and gender-sensitivity training for lawyers.

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Publications / Articles




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